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There’s simply no other magician like Zabrecky, and no other magic show like the Zabrecky Hour. Through a wide range of artistic work that spans acting, magic, and music, LA native Rob Zabrecky has established himself globally as an original entertainer. For nearly a decade, Zabrecky’s ambitiously unique and offbeat performances at the Magic Castle, where he is a prime attraction, have led him to become recognized as one of the club’s top acts. There, he has received five awards by the Academy of Magical Arts. As a magical humorist, he creates a dryly abstracted, austure universe that pushes magic to its very edges and often explores bizarre and contemplative human behavior. Zabrecky’s career began as a musician while being the singer-songwriter and bassist for the Los Angeles group Possum Dixon, who released three albums on Interscope Records during the 1990.