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Darryl German
Darryl German
Darryl knew early in life there was something fascinating about human behavior. Using his five senses as a form of communication, he employees psychology, body language, voice inflection and intuitive guessing as a form of entertainment; producing some rather startling results. His favorite quote is: "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice." Darryl's credits include: The Heart and Soul of Magic, The YMCA Boys and Girls Club and Magic in the Hood at the DuSable Museum.

Lee  Benzaquin
Lee Benzaquin
Lee Benzaquin is a magician, improviser and writer. As a magician, he has performed his solo show Stay Alive to sold-out houses in Chicago and Boston. As an improviser, Lee performs with house teams Tibula and Miracle Ranch at the CIC and iO Theaters, respectively. He is the owner and head editor of The Hambook, a quarterly journal about the art of improvisation.

Benjamin Barnes
Benjamin Barnes
Benjamin Barnes, first became interested in magic as a small boy growing up on Chicago's Southside. His earliest performances were for children staying in the city's orphanages and hospitals. At the same time, Benjamin began spending time at the country's oldest magic shop (Magic Inc.), where he eventually got a job demonstrating magic for customers. While working behind the counter, Benjamin began meeting, and forming relationships, with many of the best magicians in the world. One of those magicians was Eugene Burger. Burger was/is universally recognized as one of the finest close-up magicians working today. Benjamin, would spend more than a decade under the tutelage of this modern master. In addition to his work in Chicago, (He has produced groundbreaking evenings of magic for the Chicago Cultural Center, The Goodman Theatre, The Museum of Contemporary Art and Navy Pier), Benjamin regularly performs at corporate and special events, around the country.

Bill  Cook
Bill Cook
Three-time award winner at the prestigious World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, Bill Cook has been hailed by his peers as the Young Master of Magic. Bill has been featured nationally and internationally on every major television network, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Showtime, SyFy, The Movie Channel, Telemundo, and Italy’s Cannale 5. He has appeared on NBC's The Today Show, Wizard Wars, Penn & Teller's Fool Us, and on Extra with Mario Lopez. Bill is also one of the featured stars of Make Believe--the 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival Winner for Best Documentary. Currently, Bill is one of the stars of the CW Network's Masters of Illusion television series. Combining music with mind-blowing magic, Bill Cook’s high-energy show features comedy, drama, and interactive audience participation. His ability to entertain both young and old alike, make him one of the most versatile performers working today.