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Trent James
Trent James
At age five, Trent James saw his first magic show. This fascinated him so much he began practicing the art himself, conjuring up his own tricks and performance style. Trent, now just 16, is one of the top teen magicians in the country. Trent will provide entertainment guaranteed to leave your guests guessing. And the magic is for not just for the kids… Trent’s show just as easily entertains adults. Trent will personally tailor his performance to suit your event so that you get the best reaction possible. From fairs to parties to corporate occasions, Trent’s show is always jam packed with audience interaction, hilarious clean comedy, and mystifying magic. Top hat and tails are out… but Trent James is in! His charismatic personality and hip, yet classy look appeals to the masses. Trent James has mesmerized 1,000’s.

Darryl German
Darryl German
Darryl knew early in life there was something fascinating about human behavior. Using his five senses as a form of communication, he employees psychology, body language, voice inflection and intuitive guessing as a form of entertainment; producing some rather startling results. His favorite quote is: "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice." Darryl's credits include: The Heart and Soul of Magic, The YMCA Boys and Girls Club and Magic in the Hood at the DuSable Museum.

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